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Victor Elliott Rivera

I have spent most of my life creating one-of-a-kind works of art. Inspiration to pursue a career as an artist came from my Aunt Iris, who proudly displayed my first oil painting (of an ocean sunset) on her living room wall. Seeing the painting hanging on the wall gave me such a sense of pride…which convinced me, that being an artist was my calling.

At a birthday party that I hosted for myself in1987, my friend Ginny Hoffman introduced me to her date. The owner of Sigmans Galleries. Since the party was at my house…I could not resist showing him all the art I had created. Every wall and flat surface (in my house) had a painting, metal sculpture, or a ceramic piece on it. He purchased pieces on the spot to put into his galleries. My career as an artist was officially born.   

In 1990, infamous fashion photographer William Tobias, lent me his state-of-the-art studio/gallery in downtown Indianapolis for 30 days to do my graduate thesis show. The all glass corner studio, located at a major intersection, got me the attention I needed to prove my thesis that “positive inducing colors and textures sell art. Tobias was so inspired that he used my paintings as backdrops for major fashion shoots. It was however, handmade, iridescent, textured, plastic pins I created for all my guests as identification, for a New Years Eve party 1989-1990 that changed everything. A guest, Karen Engledow later wore her pin to lunch with a friend in San Francisco. Her lunch date was the lead jewelry buyer for one of the largest upscale department store retailers in the United States. Five months later, My line PRIMATIVE (created as jewelry was during ancient antiquities)  premiered in the glass cases of six flagship stores. By 1994 the retailer was selling out of every precious metal piece I created, and ordered 66,000 units. I politely declined. I knew my patrons liked knowing that each piece was one-of-kind…and that’s what sold them.

Barbara Losman of Victoria Galleries was one of those patrons who was sold on one-of-a-kind. She thought my precious metal pieces needed to be showcased like paintings on a wall. At her invitation, I participated in a two man show at her gallery in Coral Gables with the famous Cuban painter Rafael Consuegra. My entire jewelry collection sold on the first night of the show.

 Today, it’s all the stylish women (some men too!) that I meet…who are my inspiration. Each one inspires a certain shape, line, color, texture, and dimension. When they see themselves in an inspired piece, it makes me happy to create.

BA Degree,  Indiana University 1986 Master’s Degree, Fine Arts, Indiana University 1990.

To date, galleries such as; Sigmans, Tobias, Victoria, national upscale retailers, and a cruise line have represented my paintings, metal sculpture, ceramic, and wearable art jewelry.

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